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This is a grant that any disabled student either starting or actually in university already. It is a grant that does not have to be paid back, and any disabled student can apply for. We, at Dyslexia Pathways CIC, urge every disabled student to claim Disabled Student Allowance if they are thinking about going to university or are at university.


DSA is a Government grant that can pay for extra equipment and support that you may need as a direct result of your disability, on-going health condition, sensory impairment, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty.


As well as computer hardware and software and other specialist equipment, you could be able to use the grant to help with the cost of having a non-medical helper, specialist equipment, and the cost of extra travel and other items for your course, such as extra books and photocopying.


The dyslexia support I provide at universities is paid for through Disabled Students Allowance.


You are eligible for DSA if you are a student on a higher education course who lives in the UK and can prove that you have a disability, medical condition, sensory impairment, mental-health condition or a specific learning difficulty which affects your ability to study.


Your first step to find out more about Disabled Student Allowance is to contact student support services and the disabled students team at your university. They are there to help you with any aspect of your claim for Disabled Student Allowance.

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