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Dyslexia Pathways CIC is a not for profit community interest company registration number: SC362508 and company limited by guarantee. We were the worlds first dyslexia focussed social enterprise.

Our main objective is to enable and empower people from the dyslexic and neuro diverse communities to unlock their potential and achieve according to their abilities within education, employment and training for employment. We also support employers, trainers, education establishments and third sector organization as part of that objective.
We actively support and promote the social model of dyslexia and disability through social enterprise. This offers the dyslexic and neuro diverse communities an innovative, empowering and inclusive way forward.
I am a highly qualified dyslexia and inclusion specialist,(BSc Hons, PGCE Inclusive Education, Cert Adult Dyslexia Support and MA Multi Sensory e-Learning and Dyslexia etc), the founder of Dyslexia Pathways CIC and Unique Dyslexic Eye. I have over 26 years experience of teaching and supporting dyslexic and neuro diverse adults and young people. 
Contact Stephen McCue for a chat about our on line services on 01592 756 187 
E mail Steve at  for a chat about the services Dyslexia Pathways CIC provides.
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